©Fulvia Farassino

©Fulvia Farassino

I define myself as a photologist,  that would be given by the union of photography + sociology.

Indeed, I am Sociologist and PhD in Information Society. I do research, I teach and I envision in Sociology, Design and Photography fields.

I’ve always used photography in my social research. As photography is concerned, I worked with several photographers as archivist and assistant. I also teach as assistant professor in the workshop of Photography: Hystory and Tecniques at the University of San Marino Republic. In 2012 I worked in the organization of MIA Fair (Milan Image Art Fair).


“Il sociologo può occuparsi dell’immagine senza diventare visionario”

Pierre Bourdieu


2 thoughts on “About

    • grazie! diciamo che prima l’ho percepito nella mia quotidiana gestione delle diverse anime che compongono la mia professionalità, poi ne ho trovato diverse conferme, innanzitutto grazie a Bourdieu!

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