Creative Camp

As some of you already know, I’m working as a researcher at the Politecnico of Milano (Design Dept) in a research called CCAlps (Creative Companies in Alpine Space). In May we organized the firts pilot action of the project: the Creative Camp. You can find my reportage at the end of this page, but if you are interested you can discover what is Creative Camp about reading the few following lines.

We selected about 30 ideas which participated in the intensive workshops held in various locations in Lombardy. We had four lines of work:

_Multimedia 1.1 was located in Valcamonica at Città della Cultura of Capo di Ponte. The camp was focused on the touristic and cultural improvement of the Regional territory and on the use of multimedia technologies for new services and for the territorial promotion. The expert involved was Alessandro Masserdotti from Dotdotdot.

_Multimedia 1.2  was located in Vigevano at LeoHub. It had the objectives of promoting intangible culture and interculturality, elaborating of a (narrative) path towards Expo 2015, building a community of interest. The expert involved was Bruce Sterling.

_Fashion  was located in Lomazzo at ComoNExT. It had as objectives the definition of new strategies for the international exposure of the Lombardy Fashion System, the research of new ways of communication and distribution for Lombardy enterprises of the textile-clothing and textile-furniture production chains, the experimentation of new technologies and new services (communication, co-design, R&D, internationalization services) to support the development of the Lombardy Fashion System. The expert involved was Luca Gafforio.

_Service Design was located in Milan at Bovisa Politecnico Campus. It had as objectives the development of new urban and extra-urban mobility solutions; the research for new accommodation and reception solutions, also low cost and for different target of visitors, proposing new technological solutions and supporting new services; the propose of integrated solutions of product-service, using technology as binding agent to improve food processes and fruitions, new retailing chains and new consuming solutions; the education of young people and children through models and thematic itineraries focused on new and healthy habits. The expert involved was Luigi Ferrara.

For more information or you can also e-mail me.


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